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Glutamine Maintains Muscle Mass!

Muscle and Fitness Glutamine is one of the favorite supplements of body builders

Glutamine Maintains muscle mass
Glutamine is one of the favorite supplements of body builders and others who exercise a lot. In its role as a carbon donor, glutamine is "muscle food," helping to replenish glycogen. But actually the function of glutamine as a nitrogen-donor might be even more important. Strenuous exercise such as weight lifting causes micro-injuries to the muscle tissue. By donating nitrogen, <Glutaminehelps build proteins and repair the muscle, as well as help build up more muscle. Part of its muscle-building action may be due to its ability to induce the release of growth hormone. Serious fitness fans take glutamine both before and after workout. Taking 2-3 g after workout is particularly recommended. Long-term users of anti-inflammatory steroids tend to suffer from muscle atrophy. The concomitant use of glutamine has been shown to prevent most of this muscle loss.

But muscle isn't the only tissue where protein is being synthesized. L-Glutamineserves the anabolic (tissue-building) needs of the whole body. Since it can very easily donate nitrogen, it functions as a "nitrogen shuttle," delivering nitrogen wherever it is needed.

Very ill patients suffer both a decrease in glutamine levels and muscle loss. One way to counteract this is to add glutamine to their diet, or, if they can no longer consume food, to the iv drip that delivers parenteral nutrition. The use of Glutamine glutamine has been documented to aid the survival of severely ill surgical and burn patients. It also speeds up wound and burn healing, and improves recovery in general.

Summary of benefits
There are many reasons for taking Glutamine healthier intestines, a stronger immune system, bigger muscles, better blood sugar control and a more agile brain. For therapeutic uses, glutamine is especially recommended for people who suffer from intestinal problems, frequent NSAID users who need to protect their gastrointestinal tract, those with immune dysfunction, and anyone under heavy stress (including strenuous exercise) or recovering from injury or other trauma. It may also be helpful as adjunct therapy in the treatment of addictions such as alcoholism.

Glutamine is especially popular with body builders, and with those who wish to perk up their physical and mental energy. And-it tastes good!

Even though glutamine is nontoxic, it is recommended that you consult a health practitioner before using high doses. Diabetics, cancer patients, patients with advanced liver disease, and those with neurological diseases including stroke and epilepsy should use glutamine only with the permission of their doctor.

L-glutamine is an amino acid which can be used for energy in the brain. It is recommended for alcoholism, hypoglycemia and fatigue. L-glutamine is used by athletes to improve exercise endurance.


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