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Chitosan and Weight Loss

Chitosan Chitin Weight Loss Fiber

Chitosan is a fiber composed of chitin, which is a component of the shell of shellfish. Scientists in Norway have processed chitin to provide a magnetic binding affinity for fat and cholesterol in the digestive tract. Chitosan can absorb as much as seven to eight times its weight of fat and bile in the digestive tract. The fat and cholesterol are then excreted through the bowel, thereby improving bowel function.

Clinical studies with chitosan have shown that in five weeks, total cholesterol was reduced by 32%, HDL increased by 7.5% and triglycerides lowered by 18%.

Because of chitosan's ability to bind fat, chitosan is an excellent aid in weight loss. The lowering of the body's absorption of fat calories provides a calorie restriction effect which could actually extend human lifespan

Eating less of most fats is good for you, but hard to do because fatty foods taste so good. So the first thing to do is use a dietary aid that keeps the fat you eat from turning into unwanted pounds. Chitosan is a fiber that acts like a magnet to bind to 4-5 times it's weight in fat in your stomach.

Chitosan has been known as the "Fat Magnet," "Fat Sponge," and the "Fat Trapper." All of these descriptions are correct because Chitosan attracts fat, soaks up fat, and traps fat from the digestive system and improves elimination.

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Stacker 3 Ephedra Free Formula with Chitosan, Capsules

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